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The passenger seated next to me in 22A touched himself inappropriately on and off throughout the flight. The needs to be a way to alert flight attendants without getting the attention of the entire cabin of passengers. I should have been able to send a message through the console on the seat or through my Delta app.

Original review posted by user Sep 09, 2019

The most uncomfortable 4 hr Delta flight ever!! What would you do?

How would you have handled it when you realize he had no intentions of stopping until a flight attendant was near.

I wonder how many other flights he done this and got away with it¿¿ I immediately attempt to alert someone as soon as we land while this passenger was still in sight. I was told by 2 people that I had to contact customer service 800 numbers.

#PervertsOnPlanes #Seat22A #DELTAAIRLINES #DeltaCustomerNoService #DELTAIRLINESFlight #Delta

Reason of review: Witness to inappropriate sexual in nature behaviors by the passenger seated next to me..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Most Uncomfortable Flight Ever
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Sorry, but I'm going to have to take a pass on watching that video. I'll take your word for it.


Okay...gross, but honestly based on the small amount of movement there I'm thinking you are paying WAY too much attention to the person sitting next to you. I wouldn't have noticed that myself.

That said, I do agree that there should be a way to notify flight attendants if something like that is going on. A text or an app..something.


There were times he would grip the arm rest between the two of us. He closed the shades which darken the area around but not enough not noticed.

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