I decided not to fly Delta Airlines in 1996 due to their extremly poor service, delays due to maintainance or what ever excuse they could come up with. I let all my miles expire (500,000) rather than use them. Well, this week end (July 19 - 21) my wife and I had to go to a funeral and the only availability from Chicago Midway was a package deal using Delta.

The flight from Midway was relatively uneventful, if you call being told at the gate that the plane would not leave until 4 volunteers HAD to be found as there was too much weight!!!!!

One and half hours later Del(ay)ta took off.

Return journey. MIA to ATL, left gate 40 minutes late - brilliant for Delta though. Got to ATL, went to gate to check departure time where at 3:30pm it showed departure delayed to 6:45pm, 90 minutes delay. Checked again in an hour and found the time was pushed out to 8:00pm.

Speaking with the gate attendant, she said that there was no plane due in. Never was. THIS HAS TO BE ILLEGAL? Book passengers and then never even planning to have a plane. They said a plane may be coming in for a 1000pm departure from a maintenance hub. I was so angry (I am going to miss my International connection) I let my wife deal with them. We are in a hotel ready to catch the earlist flight tomorrow am - (9:42.)

I am calling for a complete boycott of Delta. It is time for consumers to speak out about this terrible airline. If I treated my customers (tranfusion patients) this way, they would not be there to forgive me.

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Zbaszynek, Lubuskie, Poland #362998

Delta has a policy for the pilots not to *** in certain weather ie lightening, other airlines dont. Lightening strikes on an aircraft can cause alot of damage, causing electrical systems to go haywire.

you complain now about not taking off during a storm, but would you complain more if you were on that plane that was struck by lightening, and had to make an emergency landing, then all of your plans were down the drain. Trust me im not blowing smoke, I work at Delta TechOps, the only thing i see everyday is aircraft getting worked on. There is a reason why my company has one of the best safety records.

Think of it this way if we *** during certain storms like everyother airline, the damages to aircraft become more frequent, which means we have to pay more to fix them which means we have to charge you more for your ticket. If you want and unsafe airline go fly with Airtran AKA Value Jet



Flight from EWR to ATL was one of the worst experience ever. The gate agent were rude, I even called Delta customer care and they could not do anything to help me. I was at Newark airport for 7 hours and 9 hours in Atlanta finale distention MIA. It took me over 16 hours to get from Newark to Miami, Delta was blaming the delay on the weather but other airlines were flying to the same disputations without a problem.



If you contact customer service sometimes they can work something out with you. They can put you on a different plane with a different airline if you complain enough.

if you look at the FAA data you will see that the majority of delays in flights are due to the passengers and weather and not the airline it self. they are not trying to be difficult with you. almost everyone who has traveled to any airport and especdially the most traveled int he whole united states (ATL) you are going to have issues soemtimes. I flew from there yesterday and my flight was delayed due to weather.

Saftey is a very high priority for them. I feel delta is a good company and there are worse airlines as far as customer service and leaving you without a pilot or crew than them.

I have had that happen, looking out the window at the plane and them (not delta) telling me they are looking for soemone to fly it and a crew to go. lol


You go ahead and boycott them. It won't make a difference.

Regardless of your experiences, Delta continues to be one of the most economical airlines available today.

I travel around 10 times a year and I fly exclusively Delta (occasionally United) and have little to no problems.

Of course if you expect to have problems, which from the opening sentence of your complaint I'm SURE you were expecting the worst, you WILL have problems.

Karma - what goes around, comes around, even in the air.

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