Delta does it again... As a Frequent Flyer and dedicated Delta customer it should be noted that Delta's new 24hr flight change program bill boarded as a great new enhanced program is very deceptive.

The current program for its Frequent Flyers is a 3hr timeline to change to any available flight with no additional cost. If its available, the change can be made. With Delta's new 24hr flight change program, you can only book the SAME class ticket. If its not available, you have to pay the difference.

Doesn't matter if the flight you want is available with plenty of open seats. This is not an improvement, this is a benefit to only Delta and its P&L.

If Delta really wanted to enhance their program, they should keep the 3hr advance change to any ticket and fare basis and then add the new 24hr change program on top of it. When other Frequent Flyers better understand what Delta just changed, they will not be happy!

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I had to cancel 3 tickets and Delta is imposing a $200 change fee per ticket which is 60% of the total purchase price. Delta states this fee is across the board no matter what the cost of the ticket..so why is the 200 amount not visible before you pay or not anywhere to be found on the ticket receipt?

to Anonymous #748501

Terms and Conditions... there is a button for that.

Yes, you have to dig to find the amount but, at the top level, the "nonrefundable, change fees apply" line is a bit of a hint.

$200 is a lot, same airlines are better. Free advice: a)Shop around, b) read the fine print

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