Name: Clifford Badio and Rev. Lucny DanielConfirmation: GCIJRWDeparture Flight: DL 699Returning Flight: DL 692Date: 05/07/2011

This letter is to inform you about my experience with Delta airline. My name is Clifford and I reside in CT. I have never flown with Delta prior to this flight; therefore this was my first experience with the company. I had booked my ticket for a mission trip to Port-au-Prince Haiti. The ticket was purchased for me and my brother in law, Rev. Lucny. We were supposed to depart from NY JFK airport at 8: 20AM on Thursday morning April 28, 2011, yet the flight never left the airport until 9: 45AM. There were no customer services available to inform us as to why flight 699 was delayed.

In addition, my returning flight was on Monday May 2nd at 12:59. However, due to traffics in Port-au-Prince we got to the airport at about noon and were told that Delta has already closed the gate. There were once again no customer services for getting information; rather there was only one lady at the desk with a big line ahead of us where many people were shouting, trying to get on board with flight DL 692. Unfortunately just like the rest of us these individuals were caught in the same traffic and missed their flight as well. After a long, excruciating, exhausting wait in line, I finally had the opportunity to speak to individual at the desk, who quickly informed me there were no flights available for the day and the next one to the US won't be until Thursday May 5th. I had explained to her my work situation and how it was important to find the nearest flight to the US so that I can get back to work. I explained to her the complexity even for my brother in law that was schedule to work the next day and would possibly loose his Job if he did not attend his job as scheduled. It appeared the lady was not able to speak English well and there was no manager there to help the situation. I work as an IT Analyst who has had many projects to implement usually at the end of the month. And in most cases, including this one in particular, I am operation on a small period of time to get things done in Haiti and get back to work. Furthermore, I am the Chairman of a Non-profit organization, and this trip was just a visit and to see a small remote area in Jacmel Haiti where we plan to build a School in that village for many uneducated children. I can say I was not very satisfied with the service received from Delta.

I have traveled to Haiti many times, usually through American airlines at least twice a year. Also, I am a member of large congregation and they go to Haiti in large groups of people for mission trip and/or for the Haiti rebuilding program. This was the first time I tried Delta and was hoping I can refer many others to this airline service. In addition, that day after I lost my flight and could not book another flight from Delta. I actually, ended up going to American airlines the next door services the same day and purchased two return flights to the US which cost me about $1,209 USD. Not only I lost my return flight from Delta, also I had to pay for two other tickets with connection flight the same day from Port-au-Prince to Miami and Miami to JFK NY via American airlines (Flights # 804 and 1412) and reservation Number: (INJVQU). This was not fair to me, my brother in law, and even for the company in general. Many people left very mad/sad and unhappy that day. In fact, there was a lady before me whose bag had already been checked with Delta and her medication was in her luggage and she did not make it to the flight (DL 692) as well, I am not sure the reason why, but she was next to me weeping for a long period of time in need for her medication. Additionally, she as well was on my American airline flight at 2:15 PM and many others as well. I hope Delta takes this in consideration and accommodate me as best possible for this situation as well as for the best of this Service line.

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Zbaszynek, Lubuskie, Poland #363030

This is a reply to the message from TOO SMART.

Delta Was not fined, the cooperated with the FDA on this incident.


DELTA is the worst airline.In fact, the Health Dept.

paid them a visit not long ago, and found their planes full of rodents' f.e.c.e.s, especially next to the food carts.DELTA was fined and ordered to clean up those cesspools they call airplanes.


DELTA is the worst airline.In fact, the Health Dept.

paid them a visit not long ago, and found their planes full of rodents' ***, especially next to the food carts.DELTA was fined and ordered to clean up those cesspools they call airplanes.

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