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First of all, there in not enough room on the online form to finish a complaint.

This is not my first letter to Delta regarding poor quality of service. It seems that every time I fly with Delta airlines, there is something that goes wrong with my trip. I travel often internationally between America and The Netherlands (2-3 times a year) which costs me A LOT OF MONEY. I have to but 2 tickets every time- one for me and one for my 7 year old daughter. At least one of the trips also included a ticket for my husband. He cannot join us every time because of the escalated price of airline tickets that do not seem to ever drop in price.

In my multiple past trips, I have been stranded in Memphis, TN twice because technical difficulties of the planes had caused us to leave late, therefore I missed my connection. I had to, at my own expense, pay for rental cars and a hotel room both times. I have also had my luggage lost twice. One time was for a period of 4 days. I have had my foot run over by a beverage cart by a stewardess who was rude on top of that and she didn't even say “I am sorry”. I have had 2 faulty personal players (one for me and one for my daughter not working properly). One player would stop playing movies in the middle and not play forward. The other had a short in the head set connection. On the subject of movies I would like to add that the selection is SO OLD that I have SEEN ALL of the movies in the selection and I had no other choice than to re-watch the movies again. My daughter had the same problem with her children's selection. There have been technical difficulties alt east one time for every one of my trips for the past two years (that is in total 6 roundtrip trips) that have made me delayed to my final destination. The trip before last, the same trip when I had my foot run over by the cart, my daughter and I had diarrhea from the plane food the next day (I know it was the plane food, because we didn't have time to eat anything else).

This trip was also painfully irritating and inconvenient. We were delayed again on both legs of the trip. DL249 on 21 Dec. was delayed leaving Amsterdam going to Detroit for an hour. DL3671 was also delayed from Detroit to Birmingham, AL- delayed another hour. We were on a new plane and I must say that these are the most uncomfortable economy seats ever. I had legs cramps and soar hips from sitting in the plane for 9 hours. I got up and moved around when I could, but, it didn't help. The new seats have less leg room and recline back less than the older Delta and the new KLM planes. My daughter and I were miserable. We cannot also afford to buy 2 comfort economy seats every trip because we just don't have the money.

One the return flight back to Amsterdam, the situation was even worse. The flight out of BHM DL3838 was canceled due to technical difficulties (the door was unable to shut and they had to fly the part in from another airport with an unknown arrival time of the part). To me, that is ridiculous that NO ONE CAN FIGURE OUT HOW LONG THAT WOULD TAKE AND HONESTLY COMMUNICATE TO THE PASSENGERS!!!! We are PAYING CUSTOMERS!!!!! There was also a Delta pilot sitting behind me on the flight telling the person next to him that he sees this type of thing a lot and they crew has to “lie” to the passengers often. He also said, “If you knew some of the things wrong with the planes, you probably wouldn't even want to get on one!” Seriously????!!! That would explain why there are ALWAYS DELAYS on my flights due to technical difficulties. That is really sad and dangerous. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for putting the risks on human lives of paying customers! Honestly, no one cares about anyone anymore. It is only about how to get you guys out of debt apparently!

So to continue with my saga, after over an hour of waiting for maintenance and the fact that we had to wait on a part from another airport, we were instructed then to go to the “help phones” to arrange for something else. Guess what? For a commuter plane with over 100 people on the plane, 8 help phones isn't enough!!! There were no other help phone in the terminal because the airport is under construction . The line was backed up at the ticket counter. When I called (with international long distance rate- since I live in the Netherlands and do not have a local number) the hold time was 20 min.!) I had to hang up because I can't pay those charges and wait in line at the help phone while my precious travel time is dwindling away!!!! The guy at the counter even said, “The longer you wait to get a representative on the phone, the less chance you will have to get a solution to your travel problem.” Well, the fact that there were not enough phones to accommodate everyone IS NOT MY PROBLEM! I AM THE CUSTOMER THAT PAID FOR TRAVEL WITH THIS SUBSTANDARD COMPANY. I don't even understand the quality difference between you and your partner airlines. KLM is WAY BETTER THAN Delta. Guess what? The tickets are hundreds of dollars/euros more that Delta's. How can that even be possible if you guys are the same company???

So when I finally got the operator on the phone who was very nice I might add, I had two choices. The other Delta flights out to ATL were booked. The airline wouldn't “cancel” the flight in the computer because the flight has a two hour window before it can be canceled, so customers just have to wait then until that happens. It was clear I would miss my connecting flight to AMS out of ATL: DL 1998, so I could either drive to ATL to try and catch the next flight, or I could gamble and wait until 5:30 to catch a plane to Detroit to catch the last plane out to AMS at 10.30 PM!!!! That is 5 HOURS after my departure time! You know what else? I purposely changed my flight from BHM to ATL so I would have a 3 HOUR LAYOVER for Delta's “technical difficulties” that I always seem to experience. I thought for sure I would be safe, but, I wasn't. Then, we had to wait 1.5 hrs to reclaim our 4 checked bags from the baggage claim area! Why in the *** does it take that long? BHM is not a big airport!!!

So I had no choice then had to drive to ATL. My mother with cataracts had to drive me and my 7 year old daughter to ATL to try and catch this plane. That is also a potentially dangerous situation, but we had no choice. We managed to make it barely by the 1 hr check in time. Delta had our names screwed up and had booked two tickets under my daughter's name- so we had to get that fixed, too!

When I got their, since we were exhausted from the stress and the extra traveling, sitting, and waiting from the day, I asked if we could maybe get an upgrade to business because I knew that Economy Comfort was booked. BY THE WAY, WE HAD ECONOMY COMFORT ON THE OTHER FLIGHT AND WE DIDN'T EVEN GET TO USE IT! Business class was not full. The lady at the counter said that “Delta doesn't offer business class upgrades for airline technical difficulties.” Really. That is super customer service, Delta. Thanks.

Our seats on this flight were in the pee-pee section all the way in the back 41A and 41B. The flight was DL32. We had 17A and 17B!!! There was also NO PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ON THIS FLIGHT. I had purposely chose the other flight because that was one of the features offered. I have a 7 year old daughter. None of the group movies were even age appropriate for her. The first movie was a Clint Eastwood movie about baseball and the rating was PG-13. The seats against the toilet wall are the worst seats on the plane! And guess what happened? The plane was delayed again for about 30 min!!!!! Why? Technical difficulties. It sounds to me to be a little like a scam now-the whole “technical difficulty excuse”. The speakers were so soft in the back we couldn't ever clearly hear any announcement from the captain. That to me is a safety problem.

They also broke my bag handle in Birmingham, AL

The total loss was ($50 for the bag, $50 for the gas plus parking in airport, and $30 for the loss of the economy comfort seats plus $70 in the price change of the flights)

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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