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Error in their system + Cancelled flight

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Delta Airlines - Error in their system + Cancelled flight
Delta Airlines - Error in their system + Cancelled flight
Delta Airlines - Error in their system + Cancelled flight
Delta Airlines - Error in their system + Cancelled flight
Delta Airlines - Error in their system + Cancelled flight
On June 1st, 2022, I bought a flexible round-trip ticket from Austin to Istanbul on Delta Airlines' website. I was anticipating the need to fly back to a city other than Austin, as I had multiple job interviews scheduled. Since I did not know in which city I would accept the offer, I paid the premium ($150) to buy a flexible ticket. The first leg of my trip on July 4th was delayed for about one hour. This resulted in my missing my connecting flight from Amsterdam to Istanbul. If the flight would have been held for ten minutes, I (and many other passengers) could make the connection to Istanbul. This resulted in passengers staying for 24 hours in Amsterdam, disrupting everyones plans. I later realized that there were many other flights to Istanbul on which Delta could have tried to book us, but did not do so. It is interesting that the next day, our flight to Istanbul was about 15 minutes late with no explanation! While I was in Istanbul, I accepted a job offer in Delaware. Then I called Delta airlines and asked them to change my return destination. The agent asked to what city. I asked about the possibility of Philadelphia and wondered if there would be any price difference. The agent said that there is a flight to Philadelphia and there is no fare difference. I told the agent to make the change. The agent told me it is done and that I was all set. Then I saw the change of destination to Philadelphia on the Delta Airlines website as well. Also, I received a message from Delta confirming the change in destination. Then I prepared and planned everything around the assumption that I will be in Delaware on August 16th. On August 14th I received a confirmation email for my flight to Philadelphia from Delta indicating that I can check-in. I went to the airport about five hours before my flight. So I was among the very first passengers who tried to check in when the Delta / Air France staff arrived. However, they said that my name was not on their flight manifest. I showed them the confirmation emails I received from Delta. They were surprised and they said I should contact Delta to resolve the issue. I started trying to contact Delta at 1:30 am. I called them several times but nobody picked up the phone. I emailed them but the emails bounced back. Then I found a messaging feature on the website. I messaged them and eventually received a response. I explained the situation and the agent said my ticket is confirmed and everything is set so Air France should update their system and check me in. Then I talked to Air France and they said no it is Deltas problem! I messaged Delta again and asked them to chat with Air France staff to fix the issue. They chatted and then Delta told me that they have to fix the issue manually and it may take a few minutes. Air France then told me we have only 12 minutes before the check-in closes. I told that to Delta and they said that I should ask Air France to refresh their system. I asked Air France but they said there is nothing yet. I was now down to only 5 minutes before check-in closes. I told the Delta agent that we have only 5 minutes. He then said, My workday has come to an end and I will be transferring this conversation to another agent who will be happy to assist you then I needed to explain everything from the beginning to the new agent again. Of course, I missed the flight. However, I explained the situation to the new agent and he said he should connect me to another department. And then I had to explain everything to another agent! He also switched to another one after some time. I went through 8 different agents throughout several hours that I was at the airport that morning. At the same time, I tried to contact Delta Airlines by phone too. After several hours, I could finally talk with someone. But after I explained the situation, he hung up on me! After having been at the airport since the night before, I was extremely tired. I went back to Istanbul and checked in at a hotel. While at the hotel, I tried to message Delta again, and then I saw they have removed my access to the messaging feature in my account. I logged in and searched all their website but didnt find the messaging feature I had used that morning! Then I called various numbers that I could find on their website. Eventually, someone picked up the phone. I explained the situation to him, but he didnt hang up. I was placed on hold for a few minutes. Then he told me that there is a fare difference that I should pay or he can reissue the ticket to Austin and suggested I buy another ticket from Austin to Philadelphia! Then he told me that he reissued the flight to Austin for August 19th, three days later! For the flight on August 19th, I went to the airport on August 18th at around 7pm. I was at the airport about 9 hours before my flight. However, after midnight, I received an email that my flight is canceled, and that I should contact Delta Airlines! I tried to contact Delta but I didnt have access to the message feature while other passengers had. I tried calling Delta several times but nobody answered. I talked to the Delta / Air France staff at the check-in desk and they said they cannot find any flight for me, and all their hotels are fully booked. So after trying and waiting for several hours, I told the Delta/Air France staff that I will buy a ticket and send the receipt to Delta Airlines for reimbursement. And they said that is ok as long as I have the receipt. At around 5 am, I bought the cheapest ticket that I could find and flew back to the US that day.
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Preferred solution: Full refund plus compensation for the costs

User's recommendation: AVOID!


I agreed with this passenger because I personally feel all Delta cares about is making a huge profit off of ticket sales!


I am so sorry to hear what you had to deal with in the future give them a call direct 866-228-****

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map-marker Winder, Georgia

My recent trip back to the United States

The length of time waiting for a live response to the questions presented. The frustration with not being able to speak to a live person
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Jesse 4122

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| map-marker Norristown, Pennsylvania

Delta is HORRIBLE!!!!!!

Delta Airlines - Delta is HORRIBLE!!!!!!
Original review Aug 22, 2023
Thursday, 8/11: Was booked on flight JNX8FQ departing from Richmond at 7:05AM arriving in ATL out of RIC. Was put on an "all flight hold due to weather" while still on tarmac and was told by the pilot that ALL incoming and outgoing flights were placed on hold due to weather BUT since ALL the flights were put on hold that we would catch our connecting flights. We sat on the plane for a little over an hour. We arrive in ATL 12 minutes after our connecting flight was scheduled to leave, missing our connection then rescheduled on an American Airlines flight #1046 to Miami to STT for the next morning. This resulted in us having to stay in a hotel in ATL on our dime ($266). The next morning the American Flight was canceled, so we were rerouted again on a direct flight from Delta arriving at 1:58PM. Monday, 8/14: Went to check in for flight JNX8FQ on my phone/Delta app and there was no flight for my wife and I from STT to ATL. I called Delta to confirm/rectify the issue and was on the phone for 25 minutes only to get disconnected. Called Delta again and was put on hold for another 30 minutes just so that we could check in. We get to the airport and the flight was full, they needed a total of 9 people to volunteer to take the next flight out the next day and offered $1500 to each person who volunteered. Since we were off work the next day (8/15) we took the offer. We were offered first class tickets leaving out of STT the next day, however, when we got back to the counter for the agent to book us on the next flight, the first-class offer was now gone so we got a seat in main. The only flight options were to A) Take the flight leaving at 2:45PM arriving in ATL at 6:52PM and pray that we made our connecting flight to RIC that was taking off at 7:15PM arriving in RIC 11:10PM OR B) take the flight from ATL arriving in RIC at 12:39AM. We decided to go with the earlier one and if we didn't catch the connecting flight we could get on the later flight, we wanted to at least try because we needed to get home to our baby. Tuesday, 8/15: Today, we show up 3 hours ahead of flight. To avoid missing the connection, I called Delta to see if any earlier flights were available and there were none. Then we asked if we could cancel just my connecting flight (Jesse) from ATL to RIC, as I had a meeting at 10am in ATL the next day, Wednesday 8/16, anyway so I would just stay so I didn't miss my meeting. My wife would still take the ATL to RIC flight to go home to our child on the late flight. This is where everything went wrong. PS: Delta needed TWENTY-THREE volunteers to take the next flight out this time for $1,700/person... The Delta agent in STT told me to call Delta Customer Service for someone from there to cancel my connecting flight, as I just explained above, in the system on their end first. They put me on hold for 15 mins, then the call was disconnected. I called back and got a different person - who now I let the Delta agent speak to explain the situation. Whoever she spoke to was EXTREMELY rude and told her he couldn't do that and HUNG UP ON HER! After over two hours of back and forth with the Delta counter (Monifa and Tanesha), Customer Service agent on the phone and two other Delta employees all trying to figure out what happened, the Delta agent then saw that the person I originally spoke to within Delta Customer Service that I got disconnected from, had CANCELLED my wifes flight!! Nowhere in this conversation did I EVER ask anyone to touch my wifes flight. Then apparently the system showed that Delta Customer Service had accidentally taken us BOTH off the STT-ATL flight, both of us. This resulted in us not getting re-booked on the outgoing flight from STT. Instead, we were issued a hotel voucher, a taxi voucher and a dinner voucher and sent to a disgusting, dirty, mold infested hotel - Windward Passage (see photos). Upon entering the hotel, a big sign says their restaurant was closed - which I asked the hotel staff about and she told me that she let the airport and Delta know that and she didn't understand why they were still giving out vouchers for dinner to be used there. So there goes the dinner voucher. To make matters worse, the Delta agent told us that all flights were full until SATURDAY 8/19!!! So now, we are on hold for the flight tomorrow. We spoke Jevon A. Gilpin, Operations Service Manager for Delta, who was very nice and apologetic about Deltas mistake and all the issues it has caused us, and he promised that he would find a way to get us on the next departing flight. He also "highly recommended" that we file a complaint with Delta Customer Care for some kind of compensation as this type of thing was over his authority. He also said that he put notes, in detail, regarding this entire situation under our profile. Wednesday, 8/16: We arrived at the airport as soon as it opened (11AM) and spoke to Monifa, the Delta agent we were working with the day before and were told we had to wait 2 hours before she could issue us a boarding pass for todays flight. While waiting Jevon announces that he needs NINE customers to volunteer to take the next flight out for $1,800/person. We absolutely did NOT take that deal and boarded the flight from STT to ATL. Then we got to ATL with our flight leaving at 11:10PM only for the flight to be delayed 79 mins!! We did not take off until close to 1AM. We finally arrived home at 3:30AM, 8/17. All in all, our experience with Delta was this time around was horrific. This experience makes us NEVER want to take a Delta flight again. The "customer service" reps we were met with were atrocious, uncaring and should look for employment elsewhere that is NOT in the customer service arena. Maybe the zoo.
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User's recommendation: Take ANY other airline!

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