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My experience with Delta airline has been nothing but negative! But I’m writing this for great friends of mine.

Their son was scheduled to graduate US Navy basic training in a couple weeks. Tickets were purchased the week he left for training. They were convinced that he would be graduating on that date so to save money, they bought non-refundable, restricted tickets. They just received bad news that he wouldn’t be graduating on that day due to the fact he failed a PT test.

It would be another 3 weeks. They were devastated after speaking and begging to Delta. Refused to change the date of ticket. No bending the rules and don’t care what bad problem is going on in your life.

Thanks Delta Airline, proud parents of a future Navy soldier isn’t going to be able to watch their son graduate.

This is exactly why I will never fly with your company. So very sad when this young man does graduate and he has no family to watch and support him.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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So because they made a poor decision and bought cheaper NON REFUNDABLE tickets they should be given special treatment? Because they have a kid in the Navy?

What about everyone else who has issues in their lives that need refunds?

Or better yet, what about the people who do it correctly in the first place and buy the refundable tickets?! This complaint is completely pathetic.


Non-refundable restricted tickets means just that. If you're not 100% certain you're flying on a certain date, don't purchase such restrictive tickets. If you're going to be a cheapskate, sometimes you lose out.


"Thanks Delta Airline, proud parents of a future Navy soldier isn’t going to be able to watch their son graduate."Congratulations, you're the first person to pull the "vet" card before the kid was ever a vet.Delta will honor your friend's request as quick as they show them the special situation provision in the terms of service THEY AGREED TO.Look, this is a *** situation but at the end of the day, they said they understood what they were getting into which was is you're rolling the dice when you take the cheap way.". Basic Economy tickets (E) for travel on or after February 1, 2015, are not eligible for any changes. Check Same-day Travel Changes to review your options if you only want to change the time you depart or request an upgrade."OK....This is the point where you say "you must work for(insert company)"

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