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My flight from OKC to MSP was delayed by two hours due to weather. When it finally arrived and while boarding in OKC the desk staff stated that I needed to check my carry on with a pink slip and mentioned it would be available on the jet bridge due to the size of the aircraft.

I advised that I had used this bag for a smaller aircraft earlier in the week and had no trouble, and mentioned due to the delay I had a very tight timeframe to make my flight. She nodded and smiled and continued to hand out pink slips to every roller bag in sight. When boarding over half of the overhead bins were empty and had enough space for many bags. I noticed that my flight would be landing at the time the connecting flight would be boarding.

Upon arrival I had to wait an additional ten minutes for ground control to get all of the pink tagged bags to the jet bridge. When I finally received my bag, I ran eleven gates to attempt to board my flight. The desk agent rudely turned me away and stated that they had already closed the gate. She didn't even attempt to call the plane and mentioned that I could be rescheduled.

I turned away and mentioned I would check the app. I sat and watched outside noticing the plane was still there. Eight minutes had passed and I went back to the front desk agent and asked about the flight. She was chatting with one of her colleagues for a few minutes before even acknowledging me.

I said that I wanted on the plane, and she looked with surprise and said, "oh the plane is still there," and then a buzzer went off. "Oh well now you definitely can't get on that flight, the buzzer means they closed the door." I refuted and said, "I was sitting there for ten minutes after you had first told me that I couldn't board, and you could have let me on the plane?!" She responded with, "well I didn't know you wanted on that flight" At this point I was furious and just walked away.

I now have to wait four hours for the next flight to Portland due to the lack of empathy and customer service of Delta at both airports: OKC and MSP. I will never be flying Delta ever again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Lack of empathy, Stewardesses, Customer service, Delay, Unwillingness to help.

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Weather delays happen and when the gate is closed it's closed. If you can't deal with that, then Delta isn't your problem, flying is. Take a car next time.

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