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Dear to someone that will put the right attention to this matter.!

on june 10, 2008 i had to travel because my grand mother passedway,and beside that i had my newborned baby with me.The airlines of choice was delta airlines.I got to the airport on time almost tree hour before my boarding time. I was waiting almost tree hour before the countery personel started to call to register, well was waiting until i got to the counter once the lady asked for my informatin which i provided to her. everything was fined she checked my lugages and got all the information she needed from me and my baby.

she gave me my bagged ticket. all of the sudden 20 minutes before bording she came to me brought my lugages back from the backroom and told that my wouldnt be to aboard because i wasnt in the computer. which i didnt bilieved her bacause she had my flight # I also showed her my receipts of my flight purchased. They let me in the airport with my newborned baby almost all day she humiliated me infront of every body and told that if i wanted to get on the flight i will have to purchase another ticket the will cost me $600.00 so i didnt agreed because I already pay almost $400.00 for my fligth

I was crying with my baby because i was there since 4:00am. I missed my grandmother funeral I couldnt see her before the berried her it was a very sad day in my life and my baby because was traveling with my child and didnt provided me with assistance that we needed it.


Arisleyda Alonzo Estevez

please contact me at: (347)326-5870

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OMG!! Where did this woman go to school & did she take any English classes. This letter says a lot more about the state of education in this country then the quality of air travel.

White Pigeon, Michigan, United States #47779

to Jason and Sally--"out of all the millions of sperm--yours are the two that got through"; compassion seems to have been missing from yours

Sally--it is obvious you don't have the intelligence to infer that

"berried" means "buried"

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46894

That is what I was wondering, what the heck does "berried" mean, also what does "passedway", "newborned", ''bording", "bilieved" "lugages" "fligth" mean. Hopefully someone gives her a good crank call and makes fun of her. Seriously she should be ashamed to write such a letter.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46854

You see this is what happens when children have children they are stuck in a situation where they don't know what to do. They don't even know how to write a proper letter.

The moral of this story is don't have children at nineeven if you do get your monthly. THis fourth grader just showed how difficult raising a child is when you are a child yourself.

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