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Update by user Mar 07, 2013

Delta Airlines responded to an email I sent them and resolved the situation to my satisfaction some weeks ago.

Since then I have been trying to remove this post, but this site is designed to hold all complaints, with or without errors for ever.

My advice to any consumer is never post on here, use other forums but these guys are not helping the consumer, they just care about ad revenues for dating sites...

Original review posted by user Feb 04, 2013

Overnight flight from Boston to Heathrow in January 2013 - upgraded to premium economy as I needed a few hours sleep and my wife is expecting a baby but a technical fault left us with blinding flashing cabin light directly in front of our faces. In 30+ hops over the pond this was the worst I have ever taken.

A nighmare 6 hours that left us both without any sleep and wrecked plans for onward travel and compounded jet lag. I was polite and understood during the flight that they couldnt fix the issue, but I wanted at least a refund of the upgrade fee that put me into the seat that had the equivalent to a camera flash in your face every 20 seconds. I even took video to show how punishing it was and shared that with the 'customer service' (for that customer service read people who just send emails saying it's not our fault).

Instead they said it wasn't their fault and no refund or vouchers. Delta's CEO Richard H Anderson spouts about their quality of flight endlessly but operators like Ryan Air never claim to care about complaints, Delta claims to be excelling at everything they do - and that stinks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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