I had bought a pet out of state and had to fly out to get her. I called Delta Airlines to make arrangements for my cat to fly back home in the passenger area instead of cargo.

I got a foreign customer service rep; normally, I don't have difficulty understanding Indian/Pakistani accents because I used to work with lots of people from this region, but on this day the CSR could not understand me. He wanted to know the cat's weight, and since I had to make the arrangements prior to picking her up, I didn't know her exact weight. I told him that she was less than 10 pounds, and he asked again for her weight. I repeated myself.

He asked again, and again I told him "less than 10 pounds." When he asked for her weight yet again, I asked to speak with someone else. He would not transfer my call to someone with whom I could have a comprehensible conversation, and I demanded to speak to his supervisor - again he asked for the animal's weight. When I finally had to get very rude after telling him OVER A DOZEN TIMES to transfer my call, I convinced him that I would not discuss the matter with him any longer. I told him that I would not speak with him any longer, that I wanted to speak with someone whose first language was English.

Doesn't it make sense for companies who deal in details to ensure that their CSRs are able to clearly communicate with their customers??? Hire some Americans to deal with the customer service of American companies!

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