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We had a trip for two scheduled from Frbruary 12-February 19th at Sandals in Montego Bay, Jamaica. DUe to weather issues our original flight (which was booked in November or December) was cancelled. The Delta airlines rerouted our flight to Minneapolis. All of the details are listed in our flight notes on Delta's information sites. When our "new" boarding passes were printed out for the Minneapolis flight, they said seat request. I asked the woman if they guaranteed us a seat, because we would not go standby. She said yes they have seats for us, and said our departing flight will be on February 13th at 6am from Minneapolis to Montego Bay.

We got to the gate for our first flight and was told that our whole reservation had been deleted. They gave up our seats. They were able to bump two people and we made the flight. We asked about the flight for the morning and they said everything was still a-go. We paid $100 bucks for a hotel room in Minneapolis, got up at 3am and went back to the airport. After waiting in Delta's line for over an hour, we were told that we didn't have a flight.. AGAIN.

At this point in time, we decided to call AAA, and they were closed. I called the help number on the travel itinerary and they canceled our trip. Delta wouldn't help us get back to Moline, and finally after pleading they offered a flight to Moline at 7pm. We weren't willing to wait 15 hours to leave for home. We rented a car for $398 bucks and drove home. Ironically, we made it home the same time we were set to land in Jamaica. Our 8 day vacation has been ruined!!!! I was supposed to have a private, secretive wedding on that trip, and that's been ruined too. I've tried to find a new time to get to Jamaica.. but the resorts I can afford are all booked up. I want you to know how very dissatisfied I am with the service I received from Delta. This plan was booked in November of 2009. This is unacceptable!!! I think Delta Vacations needs to give me a refund (although, luckily I had insurance.. I just have to wait now.) I think they should make some steps and get us a new trip to Jamaica-- ON YOU-- without Delta airlines if possible!

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