Can't believe they want to add such penalty charges for an easy error on my behalf. Scheduled flight to my son's marine bootcamp graduation a day late and they want to charge penalties way overboard (almost $1,000) to change exact flight a day earlier.

Guarantee to highly recommend not to take Delta. What is the big deal to change from a Thurday flight that travels to destination to Wednesday. Identical ***, change over, and arrive at designated place and time of arrival as Thursday. What is wrong with these people who think everyone is made of money.


I will miss the family day and make graduation by the skin of my teeth. Thanks Delta for being so unthoughtful.

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It's amazing how everyone want's to put the blame on someone else for their mistakes. Whether you are buying plane tickets for buying groceries always check the fine print BEFORE you buy it. Everything and Every place has some type of penalty to make money on peoples mistakes.


Anonymous has to be a Delta employee... It's not he "messed up" its that they can charge you way more than the ticket is worth.

The same thing happened to me.

I changed my outgoing date to a day later because of business. I would have paid less if i would have waited and booked last minute.


I'm fairly sure they're not charging $1000 in penalties. The issue is that the COST of a ticket on the different date is different, and you're having to pay the difference in fare.

What's the difference you ask? Well, supply and demand. The more full the flight gets, the more expensive the ticket. If it's graduation day, lots of people are flying in, and that seems to me to say the flights are more full.

Besides, YOU messed it up, not them.

Typical ignorant consumer.

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