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Arrived at Detroit Metro at 3:30 for a 5:50 flight. Flight was delayed and rescheduled for 8:10.

It is now 11:15 PM and we still have not boarded. Gate has been changed 3 times already. At approximately 8pm announcement was made we would be boarding in about 30 min. About 8:45 we were told there was no pilot because his hours had timed out.

At 9 we’re told a pilot was found it would be about an hour longer. Pilot arrived and announcement made” we have a pilot but now we don’t have a 1st officer. About 10 announced we would leave by 11.

At 11 we were told still waiting for 1st officer hoping to leave by midnight. What a joke!

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"What a joke!"I must have missed the joke. What's funny about safety rules?

Would you rather them skirt the rules and let a tired overworked crew fly you."The pilots' performance was likely impaired because of fatigue, but the extent of their impairment and the degree to which it contributed to the performance deficiencies that occurred during the flight cannot be conclusively determined."Would you rather your family read something like this weeks after your plane goes down?It is what it is. Crews time out for all sorts of reasons including weather delays and mechanical delays.Thanks to the good doctor on United, airlines are probably skittish about bumping passengers to send "airline employees" AKA fresh crews to get you where you need to be.

to Anonymous #1442963

The joke is we were repeatedly lied to at least 7 times. Excuses ranged from, 1.

timed out crew, which means poor planning, 2. Weather conditions made it impossible, hadn’t snowed for hours and no other western flights were being delayed. 3. Crew was on ground and we will leave soon on three different announcements.

Pilot was actually at the terminal and was as dumbfounded as passengers that it took 17 hours to find a 1st officer. He was also pissed. Mind you our luggage was loaded on a plane that sat at the gate the entire time, well kinda, they did switch our gate 4 times and we eventually left from the same gate we started at, after our luggage was wet and moldy smelling from sitting in the rain. Nothing to do with safety, but everything to do with poor planning, scheduling, dishonesty.

Their official excuse now after three days is that is was weather conditions, but have no explanation as to why all the other Delta flights going west were able to get wheels up. Thanks for your snarky response but here are the facts.

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