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This complaint was met with the typical Bureaucratic talk around and no reconciliation whatsoever despite several emails back and forth with Delta's customer service department. I was basically told that they have the right to not allow anyone from boarding their planes for any reason. That is pretty sad after having to pay thousands of dollars for their services and then be denied access for the services you paid for because one of their employees has a problem with you. This is the complaint I submitted:

My flight experience from AUH to PIT on 25 July 2013. First of all, I

was not able to obtain a boarding pass for my Paris to PIT flight even

my bags were checked all the way from AUH to PIT. This was a huge

inconvenience, but not the reason for my complaint. After departing AUH

and my layover in AMS I arrived to Paris and after walking around the

airport terminals for a while I finally found the proper check in

counter for my flight to PIT. The First Delta Representative I

encountered was extremely rude. I had just completed about 15 hours of

travel and on my 2nd layover and was very tired. I told him that finding

the right ticket counter had been very difficult; he replied that it

wasn't his problem. This upset me as I imagine it would anyone under

normal circumstances, let alone after traveling for so long and not

having enough sleep. After his rude and discourteous response, I

proceeded to the counter to complete my check in so I could get my

boarding pass and complete my long journey home. When the boarding pass

was being handed to me, a Delta supervisor came over and said I had not

completed the security screening and needed to go back in the check in

line. I asked him if he could just complete the security questions there

as I had already finish checking in and was about to receive me boarding

pass. I also told him about the rude Delta Rep I had encountered and the

fact he did not ask me any questions and allowed me to walk on to the

counter. He argued with me and made me go back to the line. I went back

and they asked me if I had packed my own bags, etc (This was quite

pointless as I had already checked my bags in AUH all the way to PIT and

only had my carry on with me at the time). The supervisor and Delta Rep

also kept asking me about my association with the US Military and

information pertaining to my job. I answered the questions regarding

security but not about my association with the US military or my job as

these should not have any bearing for me to fly. After the questioning I

was then escorted back to the counter to get my boarding pass which now

bore the dreaded SSSS on it. They had labeled me as a security risk and

I was treated as a criminal/terrorist the rest of the time I was in

France. They kept asking if I was US military and what my job was at

each point I was stopped to be checked. I felt like I was being targeted

because of my association with the US military.They also searched my

carry on and frisked me at every possible point on the way to the plane.

I was journeying home for my sons 2nd birthday party and to attend a

family Reunion that weekend as I work overseas in support of the

military. I subsequently missed my sons birthday party as I was denied

boarding on my scheduled flight even after being thoroughly searched as

the Captain had been told I was a security risk and told them not to let

me board the plane. They waited till the plane was boarding to deny me

access and embarrassed me in front of the other passengers. After the

flight departed I was told I had to pay an additional $1666.13 USD in

order to fly on the next days flight and if I didn't pay they would

cancel my returning flights as well. I also had to purchase a hotel room

for the night. This is outrageous. Then upon finally arriving to PIT,

after my sons birthday party, my checked baggage just happened to get

'lost'. It was lost until the day I left PIT and continued on my journey

to Indonesia, the Philippines and then back to Abu Dhabi. It was obvious

that after my experience with the Delta Reps in Paris that my luggage

was lost in spite. Its too much of a coincidence to have not been on

purpose. I have been traveling for years. I have visited over 50

countries and flown several airlines and this is by far the worst

experience I have ever encountered. I know that I will be made out to be

the bad guy from the workers there in Paris as I was alone and have no

witnesses on my behalf, but I know I was treated incredibly unfairly and

targeted because of my association with the US military. I was subject

to less then hospitable treatment and suffered undue stress as well as

undue expenses. Most importantly I missed out on a day with my family

and my son's 2nd birthday party. I only get to see my family once every

6 months for a couple of weeks and each day is very precious.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Baggage Policy.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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After about 20 emails with the Delta customer service center and some of Delta's so called executives. Nothing was done to even attempt to reconcile the situation.

They had charged me more for one part of my itinerary than it cost for the entire original six flight itinerary after they would not let my board the plane and had to delay till the next day. They even threatened that if I did not purchase the new inflated ticket that they would cancel the rest of my itinerary.

Delta is a bunch of thieves and their customer service and aircraft leave much to be desired. I will avoid Delta like the plague from now on and recommend everyone else do the same.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #739036

Your problem was only partially with Delta. The real problem was the French nationals Delta hired in France.

You should realize that the France of yesterday is gone forever, replaced by a totally misguided and cultural suicide-wishing populace. Even with an influx of French Algerians decades ago who knew the consequences of is line of surrender, they continue on their wayward path.

Best to avoid France totally. It is no longer a good vacation or anything else destination.

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