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Left JFK for Buffalo, Sunday Dec 13/09 paid $20 fee for luggage. Our bag, with all of our Christmas presents, did not arrive with the flight.

Went to Delta office asking for assistance. The counter person was totally inept, told us our bag was still in JFK but has no idea why, gave wrong information baggage would be delivered the next day. Followed up on Monday via phone and internet with the reference number provided by Delta - info not in the system. Delta phone reps have NO idea what customer service means and lied about when baggage would be delivered.

Several stories from many reps!!

Long story short, on Monday, I could have driven to Buffalo and back in 3 hours to pick up luggage. Instead as advised, I waited at home, all day Monday and Tuesday, only to find out baggage would be delivered WEDNESDAY!

Called Delta requesting reimbursement of $20 charge, got a snotty rep - no way, offered a voucher to fly Delta again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! What a poor PR job - saying I'm sorry doesn't cut it. I want my luggage!!!

Delta management needs to give their staff a good shake, reps don't know about problem resolution only to inflame the customer. Reps can make or break an airline -no wonder airlines go out of business.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #118952

2/25/10, Atlanta to JFK, luggage intentionally left behind (myself and about eight others) because of weight on plane. I was told that my luggage would be delivered to me within twelve hours.

I was in fact contacted within twelve hours by the delivery company "Bags of New York." Did not receive bags as of 2/27/10. Told that this is common practice with Delta. Funny thing, this never happened to me when I flew Delta first class (many times). I guess the moral of this story is that if you're not flying first class, pick another air carrier.

Otherwise, roll the dice ! :?


I also waited, 6 days! and still had to go get the luggage 3 hours away.

am sending a letter, reciepts, etc...hoping for the compensation. US airways was the original and assigned delta/northwest to further transport. awful!

The rep hung up on me several times. No ticket was offered so am hoping for something upon the letter.


In Decmeber 2009 Delta/Northwest Buffalo changed delivery companies to save a few dollars. The old company would have had your luggage delivered to you in a matter of hours from arriving in Buffalo.

However they have had nothing but problems with the new company taking days to deliver luggage, you are not the only one. But at least they saved a few dollars in getting your bags to you

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