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Our flight was to take off out of South Bend at 6 AM today which is Sunday we got there at 4 AM got back to our gate by 420, we were supposed to board at 5:20. no plane, the lady at the gate must’ve made 12 trips to the window in that hour looking for our plane, we finally boarded between 630 and seven.

And we sat and sat until the announcement came we had a broken windshield wiper. 45 minutes later he announced the wiper could not be fixed and it’s OK because we didn’t need anyway!!!! Then he said we have to sit and wait for the maintenance man to fill out the paperwork. Then we sat and then we sat until 8 AM.

None of this was weather related if we could make it from Plymouth to South Bend on the bypass the weather was not bad. Never an explanation that made sense or a sincere apology that we didn’t land in Atlanta till 10 o’clock and had missed our connecting flight to our over needed vacation in Punta Cana. Now we will not land to our destination until 11 PM tonight because of Delta. We have lost 8 hours of sun food and fun.

We saved for this for 2 years...... no delta employee in s bend apologized or CARED. All slow with a no rush attitude. Also the plane was freezing and and coffee froze.

No hot drinks. I was asking the flight attendant about our connecting flight and she said I am not a gate agent, there would’ve been a more polite answer to give a customer you know is missing your connection. We had to sit in Atlanta airport 7 thrilling hours for next flight.

Really a pathetic way to start your vacation with a *** attitude. I plan on contacting Delta also, but is it is re-iterated to us we must be there two hours early, and then we do and this is what happens to us


Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Omg really? You’re right, they should have crashed instead, clearly you’d be much happier


Awwww poor jelly had to wait. Such is life and they are under ZERO obligation to tell you anything.

Are you sure you should be going some place with sunlight? As I understand the situation snowflakes tend to melt in that climate. We wouldnt want miss kelly to disappear because there is nothing human there. Seriously woman grow the *** up!!!

You were delayed due to mechanical difficulties. Not the airline being evil, but that the vehicle that YOU wish to FLY IN had a repair that needed to be completed. I swear you people have no patience!!! You whine online that a repair needed to be made and YOU were delayed yet had they not fixed the issue you would have been delayed far longer from having to emergency land in a unscheduled stop.

Or you know dead from having the plane crash because it wasn’t addressed. Take a book and sit back and relax. No one owes YOU anything In The form of a apology. Work had to be done in order for the plane to FLY!!!

I’m sorry you feel the need for a apology because your poor little delicate snowflake sensibilities have been offended. Maybe instead of spoiling yourself you can be a better human and donate that vacation money to a worthy cause. Or just accept that life happens and sometimes it’s no ones fault. I’m pretty sure miss kelly is sucking around for freebies.

No one goes through that much effort to whine about something out of everyone’s control without demanding something for her “troubles”. It’s a sad state of our country when they can’t even be happy on the plane that is taking them away from their pisspoor existence. These things happen and it’s a mark of YOUR MATURITY on how you handle it. It’s very clear that teenager girl children shouldn’t fly without mommy to reassure her.

Go have fun in the ocean and please swim out as far as you like. Just don’t come back!

There are not enough negative verbs allowed to describe the sheer disgust I feel toward such a poor example of how a adult should act. Please dont breed we definitely DO NOT need more like YOU!


Thank you for saying what many o f us are thinking. Grow up!

Don’t fly if you want unexpected delays.

Get in your Prius and drive yourself to your next vacation. I hope you don’t have a mechanical failure in your Smart Car that causes you an unexpected delay.


Rude. Not helpful


OMG you’re right, you’re smarter than the FAA and the airline industry, I don’t know why they have those stupid rules, they should just look at the roads to decide if it’s safe...OMG - wow!!!


"Things happen" when traveling. Always best to bring a good book with you for the inevitable delays.


Right On! I always bring lots of good reads with me.

Another good thing to bring along is a walkman to listen to your favorite music on to drown on screaming children or obnoxious loud talkers. Also, you should always bring along plenty of Wet-Wipes and or Hand Sanitizer with you and it also would be a good idea to bring along Lysol Disinfectant Spray for when you have to use the restroom.

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