Recently I tried to book a flight and a rental car online at Delta.com. They have an offer that you get 2,500 bonus miles when booking the rental car together with the flight (only when you book both at the same time).

I'm ready to add the rental car to my selected flight ($299 total) and the link says 'service currently unavailable... call online support desk'. I call them and get to talk to customer service in India who say a) Budget rental cars are currently not offered and b) he'll patch me through to the rental car agent so I can still book it.

Rental car agent refuses to put in the bonus miles because customer service transferred me w/o a promotional code. I abort the booking process.

I try again and this time choose the webchat option on Delta.com. The guy cannot help me and advises of two options a) wait and try again later or b) call India support desk again.

Well, having spend 45 minutes in this process (10 of those waiting for support person to answer the phone)... I decide to try again later. I did try again several times that evening until I went to bed.

The next morning, surprise - flight has gone up to $470 now. I contact customer service via email and they tell me they are very sorry about the link etc. not functioning. They credit me 2,500 bonus miles but they expect me to pay the fare difference now. Having done exactly what I was advised I don't agree with their response.

We go back and forth several times with customer service not budging a bit, even when I offered to pay a little more. Before I contacted customer service I put my itinerary on an Award ticket reservation, just in case. That is what I ultimately redeemed so I did not have to pay the fare increase - a non-revenue ticket.

Having been a silver/gold and platinum member of Delta for a consecutive 10 years I got so frustrated that I stuck my Skymiles Gold (my current status) Card in an envelope and sent it back to Delta, along with the transcripts of the webchat and the emails received.

I'll only use Delta to deplete the rest of my accumulated miles from now on (that's a tough thing in itself cause a Skysaver itinerary isn't available if you plan on going within the next 6 months or so). But these guys won't see a dime from me if I cannot absolutely avoid it.

It's not about paying a fare difference, it is about the attitude displayed when this happened after following their own directions.

If you want to switch from Delta - call Continental, they cannot match your status but they will give you a 'promotion' and start you out with status that you can either earn or increase. That's the path I'm on now.

A very disappointed ex-customer.

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