Today I flew out of San Antonio Tx on DELTA AIRLINES when another passenger elbowed my arm several times so she could have the arm rest. I told the passenger that if she would like to share the arm rest she need to ask.

Nothing she wouldn't stop. Then she puts her arm on my arm to rest it. Then she pushes my arm off the arm rest. I tell her to stop touching me several times everyone looks and saw her pushing me.

I then hit the button to alert a flight attendant. I explained to the flight attendant what happened and she says I need to move and that she is writing a report on me. When the plan lands in Atlanta (headquarters for delta) the head Delta staff tells me sorry and there is nothing I can do.

I missed my trip to DC because I no longer felt safe in the hands of Delta staff. I am a disabled Veteran, I was treated wrong, unprofessional and had another passenger push me and nothing was done about it!

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If you are in the middle seat you get both armrests.And yes if I am in the middle and you want my armrest I will not elbow you but I will kindly inform you of the rules.


God help us! Now people expect flight attendants to be playground monitors.

Reason I don't fly on weekends #131


God help us! Now people think that playground monitor is part of a flight attendants job...

Reason I don't fly on weekends #131


As a disabled veteran, you are entitled to respect. Treatment like you mention here makes me think you might have to invent some protective devices like taping tacks on your arms or sleeves so that anybody who harasses you will end up harassing themselves.

As a disabled veteran myself, I have a problem with people who disrespect veterans, especially disabled veterans. Take care.


Oh my that is so sad LITTLE CRY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sigh :sigh :sigh :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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