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With an hour's delay in Detroit, connection problems loomed in Salt Lake City. Our plane landed (they knew we were landing) and a simple 5-10 minute hold of the next plane would have allowed 6-10 people to make their terminal connection for the night.

No hold of the terminal flight and instead they tried to tell us the initial delay was due to weather (de-icing of the plane) and vouchers for hotel, food wouldn't occur. This is the Rocky Mountains in March, Delta, do you not plan such things into schedules? (That same excuse was used for other delays across the country) With raised angry voices, we managed to get the hotel vouchers. The next day, the plane they put us on was held up for 20 minutes to allow Delta "crew" to make the flight.

I suspect traveler connections may have again been impacted. (I'd wager it was crew issues causing delays the previous day as well, but they've learned the right excuses to use to attempt to avoid covering impacted traveler food and lodging) To top it off, that plane had to be replaced, resulting in another 2 hours delay. Delta seems to think that such delays are things WE TRAVELERS should accept the negative impacts for, because "things happen".. The bottom line is they breached a contract.

We contracted for travel from point A to point B. Our obligation is to pay them and show up for initial boarding on time. (regardless of reason, if you don't you are screwed) Their obligation is to get us to our destination in a reasonable time frame as promised. If they don't, regardless of cause, they should cover the negative impacts (which aren't normally limited to simply a time delay, and added cost of hotel and food...) These complaint blogs, and not accepting their "you don't get reimbursed" excuses are the only way for the little person to have a chance.

It's time to start screaming. Or don't spend your money with these people as carriers.

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Are you kidding? First, the crew that flew the plane you were on has both flight and duty time restrictions.

If they held the plane for you, the pilots of that plane may have "timed out" and nobody would have gone anywhere.

Second, there is no 6 to 10 minute hold - this is not a bus. If they hold the plane 10 minutes beyond scheduled departure for you to arrive at the gate, then after you board - 5 minutes - the pilots/company has to redo all weight and balance calculations for the plane, make sure there is enough fuel for the added weight, etc. This would take another 10 minutes to do.

[That is why the agent closes the plane door at 10 minutes prior to departure time.] So in effect, everyone on that plane [say 200 people] would be held up for 30 minutes so you and 5 others could make the flight - not self-centered are we.

Of course they will hold the plane a few minutes for crew, because otherwise who is going to fly the plane. This is complicated by the mandatory rest period between flights, which mean if a crew gets in late the night before, it delays the morning flight so the crew gets enough rest.

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