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Today I had my worst travel experience ever in my life. I regret to choose Delta.

My flight was from CMH to Detroit, and then i had 3 more flights.

My first flight was at 5.44pm i came to my gate at around 3.30 pm, and previous Detroit flight passengers were still there. When i was checking in a lady told me to try to change that previous flight (i have waited more than 2.5 hours on the line to talk with the representative), i have tried but they said that flight is full, and then we have learned there was 4 empty seats (because those people come later and learned they missed their flight and their seats were empty) that previous flight left at 5.50 pm and they told us my 5.44 flight will departure at 6.00.

Then our flight came but there was a mechanical issue, so we wait for new flight, when the new flight came i have learned there is no Captain. At the end i have tried to explain my situation to the representative and he re-booked my flight, but i bought 4th flight from Turkish Airlines and cannot fly and there is no refund. When i came home I bought another flight to my home town and it is really really expensive because of that last minute. and i saw an email, it was from Expedia and says please call us ASAP, when i called them they said they cannot see my Amsterdam-Istanbul flight, so they directed me to Delta, i have waited on the phone line for 40 minutes but all of your representatives were busy, i called twice, So i called back to Expedia and they checked again and saw my Amsterdam-Istanbul flight. Hopefully i will go tomorrow. After all of those things i am not expecting to much from Delta, because it was a really really big disappointment for me. I waited at the airport, on the line for 2.5 hours at least, i bought 2 different tickets to my city and last one is too expensive.

I have used Delta, KLM or AirFrance or Alitalia before but next time i will think 5 times before i bought Delta ticket, or i will just buy from Turkish Airlines. Last Christmas i used Delta and KLM with my fiance and it was great so i thought this time will be good also but no it was terrible, and actually i haven't started my travel yet so maybe there will be more disappointing things i will face.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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