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Long story short - a Delta rep made me cry and treated me very cruelly.

I arrived at JFK having lost my flight b/c the AirTrain had not been working. For me, this was understandable, but I still needed to fly and wanted to reschedule. The 1st rep (grumpy old guy) told me that I missed my flight and sent me to another line.

Btw, the line was all scattered - no organization or efficiency.

I did the other line and the 2nd rep (grumpy woman) offers didn't make sense b/c I basically would have had to pay for a new flight since their options were so expensive. I ended up rescheduling for a flight the next day b/c I would have lost my $ and other personal reasons.

So, it was almost midnight and I didn't have where to go and asked to do my check-in right there, but she wouldn't let me. The 2nd rep told me and I quote:

"well that's your problem. you would have to book for a hotel, but i cannot solve everything for you."

So, I go to the 1st rep (had to do the line again). And the 1st rep tells me the same thing, ignores me and continues taking people. I ask him to please let me check in so that I could at least be able to use the terminal's bathroom. He kept ignoring me and saying that I was not his problem and that I could not stay at the terminal, that I had to leave. He even raised his voice to speak over me. His attitude was so arrogant that I started crying.

I ended up asking the police officers at the check-in whether they could make an exception and let me in. Their answer:

"no problem, but i suggest that you go instead to terminal 4 b/c their shops are open 24 hours and there's more activity and this terminal's stores are already closed"

viola -- that's all I needed and Delta could not offer that.

But the 1st rep got angry about this, so he follows me to the terminal exit (as I was leaving to go to terminal 4) and asks for my passport. I give it to him and he goes to his computer, ignoring my asking of what do you need, i'm leaving, etc. He asks whether I had eaten and I said yes. He creates this sort of "pass" to let me into Delta's Terminal (#3). and grabs me by the hand to the check in and tells me:

"you want to go in, go in, but now you cannot leave"

So now the check-in officers are extremely surprised at his rudeness and ask him why did he call me back, that I was safer in Terminal 4 and he started arguing with them, telling them that he was giving me what I wanted, etc. While they were arguing, another officer got me out of their argument and just calmed me down. I left to Terminal 4 and everything was fine -- but I assure you, I will NEVER fly with them again.

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This sob story has to many holes in it to make sense. Sorry, but the author is not credible.


I flew on Delta last month, RUDE, RUDE, RUDE.


jason tillo: you should definitely work @ delta considering your *** personality. i cried for various reasons -- i cried b/c they were rude to me, b/c they tried to trap me in a closed terminal instead of directing me to terminal 4, b/c they ignored me even though i paid a lot for my flight, b/c i was surprised that these reps were so cruel.

if you can't understand that, then you belong with all the rest of delta employees that live unhappy and unsuccessful lives. you truly are an ***.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46893

How old are you that you cried because someone raised your voice to you? Why did your parents not say anything when they made you cry?


Sounds like one of my numerous BAD experiences with British Airways which after so many years of flying, I have to say is the WORST airline that ever existed.

Unfortunately they dominate one of the routes I frequently fly and having the misfortune of flying on BA is something I wouldn't wish on any of my enemies. I too was abandoned by BA overnight at a foreign airport, after being maltreated by their duty manager who had promised me an overnight hotel stay after causing me to miss my ride, while delaying me for several hours in their office which I had visited to in attempt to try and track my missing luggages,which eventually arrived severely damaged and wet after several weeks.

They ruined my vacation and business appointments and I can't begin to discuss the events that transpired as they still bring back very traumatizing memories. (I will at a later date though, so other consumers can be alerted to their extremely BAD, racist and demeaning services.)

They not only maltreat their paying customers, but arrogantly ignore your complaints after overcharging you on their int'l routes for extremely poor services, after delays, missed flights, and unjust cancellations costing you unplanned expenses in your stopover country, whereever that happens to be.

BTW USAir also left me stranded at the airport in Philadelphia after a flight from Aruba and I had to find a hotal last minute, or else I'd have had to sleep overnight in a state where I knew no one,exposed to only God knows what.

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