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Worst customer service in decades, a total insult to public due to the enormous wait times. The robot skips waiting queues, tells you that someone will call you back in the given time, but it does not happen. I could not talk to anybody at Delta Reservations for weeks, regardless of time or day. All calls go in the same queue, Skyline member or not, waiting for hours. Today for instance, Sept. 18, 2019, I waited more than 3 hours to finally talk to someone at customer service. I called Delta at 8:23AM and was put in a queue by the robot to be called back in 41 minutes. Since nobody called me in almost 2 hours, I called Delta again at 10:18AM, and was put in another queue for another 26 minutes. It is 10:49AM and still nobody called me back as told, again, so this time I decided to wait on the phone for another 23 minutes as told by the robot. I finally was able to talk to a real person at 11:30AM, and despite the horrible wait, it was refreshing to a person who was trying to help. Three hours later, tickets canceled... Wow!

All this could be done online, but Delta system did not let me cancel the trip, giving me an error saying that the name does not match, which is bizarre to say the least. And that was because the tickets were purchased from KLM, with Delta confirmation number, and it is not possible to talk to KLM in the US anyway.

KLM/AIr France (their sisters) are as bad, I flew with them last year and had a nightmare experience in Europe due to delays and missing connections. Do not even attempt to talk to KLM/Air France while in USA, customer service does not exist, and you'll be put in the Delta call hold queue...

What a joke Delta Airlines robotized customer service has become. I do not recommend Delta/KLM/Air France. They treat customers without respect for their time. Shame on Delta for the nonexistent Customer Service and moving it into a very unfriendly irritant dead cold robot system from *** that does not help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Delta Airlines Pros: Previous great service.

Delta Airlines Cons: Unreasonable delay for poor business practices, Worst customer service on any airline i have ever flown on, Cancellation of flight.

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You clearly have no clue how busy these airlines are via phone. They get tens of thousands of calls if not more a day and can't always answer you right away. The robot you keep complaining about is only put into place because of people like you who don't understand that they are busy.

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