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I would like to share my utter disappointment and disgust at the treatment that my family and I received during our return journey from Orlando to Manchester via Atlanta. We arrived at Orlando airport to check in early and we were immediately told that our flight DL1058 was delayed by 14 minutes from 4.30 pm to 4.44pm but that we would still have plenty of time to make our connecting flight from Atlanta at 7.10pm. Unfortunately the delay was pushed back to 5pm but again we would still make the connection. Unfortunately after the plane arrived and passengers disembarked we were then told that boarding could not commence as there was currently no pilot for the plane and that we would be updated when there was more news. At this point my wife approached Delta representatives at the help desks and was told that we would be better waiting until we reached Atlanta before rearranging flights as our connection was most likely delayed too. We eventually had a pilot in place to start boarding at 6pm.

Once on the plane we were then prevented from leaving due to the weather in Atlanta at which point we were told that ALL planes were grounded this gave us hope that our connecting flight would be delayed and that we could still make our connection. We then spent approximately 3 hours sat on the plane, opportunities were given to leave the plane however we had to take all possessions and wouldn't be allowed back on until re-boarding took place. With two children and updates with little time between we did not want to leave the plane and fail to hear announcements about re-boarding, especially with food courts some distance away. During the 3 hours on an extremely hot plane cups of water were hastily given out which were less than half full on one occasion along with a complimentary bag of pretzels that we do not like. Not ALL passengers were offered the water in addition meaning we shared ours. Staff were rude when asked for information and were seen laughing, joking and eating at the back of the plane while my children were uncomfortable and went hungry (hardly the caring image that the in-flight video claimed).

We eventually left Orlando at 9.15pm which is 4 hours and 45 minutes late. We appreciate that you can not be held responsible for the weather condition delays, however, had a pilot been available at the same time as the plane we would have made our connection as we know planes were still landing and leaving from Atlanta. This I feel is your responsibility and one that could have been avoided, my wife is a nurse and they do not book patients into theater and take them down without a surgeon being available to complete the operation. This would be seen as incompetent. I would like to reiterate that the grounding due to weather occurred an hour after the plane was available without a pilot and so was not the reason we missed the connecting flight.

Once we arrived in Atlanta we were dismayed to find that on reaching the help desk that we were directed to there was only one Delta representative on and a large ***. After waiting for over an hour we were told that we had been re-booked on a flight for the following evening at 7.10pm. No accommodation for the night was offered and no empathy, even though our 10 year old daughter was in tears due to stomach ache (probably due to lack of food). Only upon asking about hotels were we given brief directions to the free phones and shuttle services. Even then we had problems with hotels eventually ending up at Super 8, in a room I would not wish upon those that I dislike, and costing over $80. Again I would like to stress the lack of compassion and empathy from all involved and the rude nature of Delta representatives was absolutely startling for a company that claims that it has our back. Not at any point in the whole incident did we feel that anybody at Delta had our back or even cared slightly about the plight we were in. No food vouchers were offered which was the least we would have expected to insure that we did not go hungry.

On returning to the airport on Sunday 10th August to check in for the return flight we discovered that we were all seated separately. With two young children, that are scared of flying, on a 9 hour overnight flight we had specifically booked our seats very early to ensure that we could be there for them. When we asked at the HELP desk if they could HELP. The agent couldn't even be bothered to look up from reading her Cosmo mag to look me in the face. Instead she very boredly told us we had to ask at the gate before boarding, and then continued to flick throught the pages before turning to her collegue and commented on a feature in the mag!!!! my daughter was in tears and she could not hve cared any less. Again no compassion or empathy or good customer services was evident at this desk either. As you can imagine, if you have children of your own or any empathy, 8 hours sat in an airport with children worrying about having to sit alone on the flight is not an enjoyable experience. Eventually after asking at the gate two seats were found together, however the children wanted the comfort of sitting next to an adult so one was going to have to sit alone still. We were told to ask again when we boarded the plane, another Delta representative passing the buck and doing little to help the paying customer. Once on the plane I was told by a flight attendant that they could not help by asking passengers to move and that I would have to do it myself. Therefore on a busy plane I had to ask different passengers to swap seats with me whilst my daughter was nearly in tears and frightened about the flight. This was an extremely distressing experience for all until eventually a very kind lady agreed to help me out.

We as a family feel completely let down at every interaction with Delta representatives and were infuriated by watching the in-flight introduction by CEO Richard Anderson stating that Delta have our backs. This was certainly not our experience and we could not feel more strongly that this was false advertising. I think at the very least we should be reimbursed for the hotel room and food that we had to purchase and compensated for the distress that the companies actions and attitude caused. After talking to friends and families that have flown with other airlines it would seem that Delta has some way to go in matching their caring and helpful approach to customer relations. My wife an I have spent a long time planning and saving for our holiday of a lifetime, a large part of which was spent on flights with your company, only for it to end on such a bitter note due to Delta shortcomings

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #867743

What a whiny account, though no excuse for indifferent attitudes on the part of some ground staff.

The lack of pilot on the first flight could have been caused by weather in ATL or elsewhere affecting another incoming flight that carried the pilots for your outbound flight.

With the delay experienced prior to boarding and whether or not you knew further delays could happen due to active weather at destination, with young kids in tow you should have bought a few drinks and snacks from an airside vendor prior to boarding.

Forced overnight in ATL - it is an acknowledged fact that airlines will not cover enroute expenses for flight interuptions causes by events, like weather, beyond their control. If you had all that time in Orlando, and if you reasonably assumed there was a decent chance you would miss the connecting overseas flight, with young children in tow you should have started to research ATL airport hotels whilst in Orlando.

I assume you and/or your spouse had a smart phone, and MCO has free or cheap WiFi.

Your kids were hungry on arrival in ATL! I travelled the world with three kids 15 months apart in age, and between my wife and I we had ample snacks in our carry-on both to satisfy mid-flight cravings (or to keep them calm/quiet) or for use in the event of flight delays.

You could afford to buy four roundtrip tickets MAN-MCO-ATL, plus destination accommodation, food, transfers and, I speculate, very pricey entrance fees for Disney, Universal, etc. But you complain about a Super 8 hotel in ATL yet have kids in tow? There are numerous quality (yet still reasonably priced) hotels surrounding ATL, and you should have worried more about the kids than spending $80 more than the $80 you splurged on at Super 8.

The scattered seating was not great, and the airline's operations staff should do all possible to seat families together. Many passengers though on the flight to MAN the next evening would have already held assigned seating, so the airline simply provided seats to your family where it could. Thw primary responsibility of the airline was to get you on the way home to MAN. In my family's experience, most people inflight respond favorably to polite requests from fellow passengers and/or crew to switch seats due to circumstances such as split-up families.

Again, no excuse for any rude or indifferent staff. In my family's experience, and for customer satisfaction polls released recently, Delta has pulled ahead of all U.S.

legacy carriers and most low cost carriers. You have to temper your expectations, use more common sense, and take a little more responsibility for yourself and especially for your young children.

to NorthernFlyer #867814

Thanks for your constructive comments. We were actually told that all flights from Atlanta had been grounded and that it was a strong possibility that we would still make connecting flight.

I do have a smartphone however free wifi does not stretch to being seated on the aeroplane. As for spending more money on hotel I was more than happy to however we rang every single hotel and the only one with a room was the super 8. Oh to be so judgmental and as it was our first experience of connecting flights to America hindsight would have been an amazing thing. The main issue was the lack of care and respect from the staff on the desks that have the job of customer care.

I hope that you never encounter a situation that you have not planned for. Read the delta airline Facebook page and you will clearly see that we are not the only people to be disappointed by the service provided by delta.

to NorthernFlyer #868200

Oh to be such a condescending and patronizing ***!! The point here was about the absolute lack of any care or concern Delta showed to their passengers NOT how much travel experience or money this family had.

If you read it properly it states it was a holiday or a lifetime that they saved long and hard for. You clearly have the money and time to travel the world with your children and have obviously had bad experiences to learn from them and prepare for next time. Or do you fly everywhere first class with your array of iphones and tablets with easy access to the world wide web to just spend time googling hotels and snack machines??? However, not all of us have this luxury so please keep your well traveled patronizing thoughts to yourself if it is neither helpful or constructive.

The advice on keeping your children calm/quiet made me laugh though because not all of us wish to stuff our children's faces with food to "shut" them up and besides you of all people should know that on a long haul flight plenty water and food is provided so why be greedy and buy more??? I personally am disgusted at the lack of compassion the Delta staff showed them. To be so far away from home and in such an awful situation is scary for adults let alone children and for that teller to be sat reading a magazine and not even give them the appropriate care and attention PAYING customers deserve is outrageous, after all it is what they are being paid for is it not? I hate flying and the thought of being sat away from my partner is unthinkable but its ok for you to just brush off two children being sat away from their parents!!

Why should that family have had to go begging to other people to move seats? If you bought a faulty item from a shop you would want a swap for the exact same item you paid for, would you not? Well this is the case here, if seats were pre-booked together and PAID for then that's what the PAYING customer should get. I will go back to my original point, however, the staff should have shown caring and sympathy for the family who have spent a lot of money to visit their country and shown them what a wonderful place it is and encourage them to return.

WOW is all I can say to you and hope that you actually have an experience worse than this to pay you back for your judgmental condescending bad attitude to others! Happy travelling and maybe check out some advice on obesity in children :)

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