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My family and I (my husband, daughter,and myself) booked a round trip flight from Dallas-love field, TX to RDU, NC to visit family. The flight to N.C.

was pretty uneventful. The problems arose when we showed up to RDU for our return flight to TX. I signed up to be notified via text or email of any changes to our flight schedule. I received notification via phone call hours after arriving at the airport and via email the next day.

When we got to the airport at RDU we were told that our flight to Atlanta had been cancelled, then they said delayed (ticket agent helping at kiosks). She stated that the delay from RDU would cause us to miss our connecting flight in Atlanta and that we would be stuck in Atlanta because they will not wait for us. I told her that I had to return to work the next day and that I really needed to try and work out an alternative. She gave me a card and told me to call Customer Services while at the same time directing us to Special Services.

We waited in the Special Services lines for almost three hours and still had not spoken to an agent in person. In the meantime, I called Customer services and was told by the agent over the phone that the flight was delayed due to mechanical problems and that we were still booked on it (the kiosk said something different, it already has us booked on a flight for the next day June 11, 2013 at 8:30a.m.), she also stated that the plane in Atlanta might wait since it was a late flight and that if we missed it that we would need to see one of the agents about getting an hotel voucher for the night and we would then have to catch another flight out of Atlanta the next day because there were no other flights that they could re-book us on with any airline. She instructed to see one of the ticket agents in RDU about getting on the flight. When we finally made it to an agent almost three hours later (by this time we would miss the flight because we would have to go through security,etc), the agent a Caucasion women with long straight brown hair with a part down the middle of it was very short and rude to me and my family.

I tried to explain our situation to her and what the agent told me over the phone when she cut me off and stated " I don't know why she would have told you that (referring to the other agent on the phone) but your flight has been changed until tomorrow. You are not gonna make this flight and you definitely will miss the connecting flight and we will not give you a voucher for a hotel because the delay is due to the weather and we don't give vouchers for that. I tried to explain that the other agent stated that the delay was mechanical but she just walked away and left us standing there. That was humiliating, but if that wasn't enough she and two of the other agents started to make light of our situation and started laughing at us as we walked away very upset, frustrated, embarrassed, and feeling totally helpless.

We had to try and make arrangements to spend the night at a relatives home as we couldn't afford a hotel and had no other transportation. The next morning we arrived at RDU and went to check in at the kiosk where again we were directed to an agent (mind you, we checked in online prior to the trip to RDU, and tried to check in online for the return flight but received a message that there was an error only). The first agent printed our boarding passes with no seat assignment and checked our bags. She was very pleasant and courteous.

When we got to the gate and inquired about our seat assignments, the agent wearing a "red coat" seemed shocked and stated that first he said our seats had been cancelled, then he said our flight from Atlanta to Dallas Love Field had been cancelled and proceeded to ask the other two agents who were standing there who cancelled us or if they knew who did it. He then proceeded to research the matter and after several minutes stated that it had something to do with something mechanical and that he might be able to get us a flight that would leave Atlanta at about 10pm, I said sir this cannot be happening again I really have to get home as soon as possible because I have already missed a day of work that I won't be compensated for. He proceeded to look for other flights and found one that would get us to Dallas at close to 1pm, except that it was scheduled to fly into DFW instead of Dallas Love Field. He stated that he would give us a meal voucher (gave us voucher for $18.00 for three people for airport food but we were grateful).

He told us to contact another "red coat" when we landed in DFW to see about getting a voucher for ground transportation (a taxi) to Dallas Love Field. Once we arrived at DFW, exhausted and disgusted we found a gentleman in a "red vest" and told him our situation and requested assistance with getting a voucher for a taxi to Dallas Love Field. He was very busy, short with us, asked where we were going and printed out a voucher for $35.00 for ground transportation. I expressed that it may not cover the trip and that we had also incurred additional parking fees.

He said that's it if you want anything more you can write the airline but I doubt that you' ll get it (I forgot to mention that our car was parked in the parking garage at Dallas Love Field where we left it). Needless to say we were so out done and appalled by the insensitive treatment we received blatant disregard for our services and welfare. The taxi to Dallas Love Field was $48.25 and we incurred and additional $20.00 in parking fees. I have to say that this experience with Delta airlines was THE WORST experience that I have ever had not only flying but in my entire life and I will never forget it, neither will my family.

We literally were at the mercy at the airlines employees and the company during this time because we are not wealthy people and could not just apt to stay at a hotel somewhere or rent a car or book another airline. We saved and prepared for this trip and it turned out to be one of the worst decisions we could have ever made, and it will be a while before we do it again.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Boise, Idaho, United States #687413

Sorry...I did not mean to hit "***" on this (unless ***" means the treatment was ***; then I agree). I will be posting my own Delta experience shortly, but it is very similar to yours.

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