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I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Delta. I paid over $2,000 plus a $140 upgrade ("DeltaComfort+") for an international flight to Argentina and ended up with the worst flying experience I have ever had.

The touch screen looks like it is from the 1980's and works as well as my old 2002 Palm Pilot.

The tray table is broken (see attached photo) and is completely detached on the right side so I am forced to prop it up with my knee to keep my drink from spilling for a 9+ hour flight. Unreal.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of delta airlines flight and associated monetary loss in the amount of $2140. Delta Airlines needs to issue a partial refund according to poster's claims.

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We can safely assume you're a first-time flyer..

All I'll add is that you'll have to do much better than this if you're going to play the "I'm so disappointed I feel I deserve 100% refund" scam...

Vallejo, California, United States #1091421

I avoid ANY american owned airlines. They are all pathetic.

Always choose Asian based providers. They are the best.

to kuei Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States #1192729

yeah fly to argentina via china on a ricerocket. Great idea.


They did not have touch screens in the 80's. My guess is you are under 25?

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